My 7-Figure Business Private Mentorship Program

It is time to RISE AND SHINE!!

Are you ready:  

-To call in your financial goals and desires with ease?  

-To step into your power instead of running away from it?  

-Get out of your own way?  

-Do all this and more while having a great work + life balance?  


Now is the time to achieve the things that you have waited for.  

It’s time to fully step into a new version of you. A version of you that you have been planning for, preparing for, and are finally ready for!  

Why do this alone? Why not have support that will really help you feel strong during this journey. Have another high vibe person that will be in your corner to celebrate you and your achievements! Having a coach will allow you to have someone there when you most need a friend to encourage and empower you!  

Your time is now, 2020 is your year, let's co-create an epic business!  


Schedule a free consultation in the next 20 minutes and you will receive 2 pre-recorded workshops as a gift!  

You will receive my Dream Big Workshop & Massive Business Growth Workshop! 

Valued over $299

***Workshops will be delivered by email after our free consultation  

Spots are limited so click here now to book your complimentary session and see if My 7-Figure Business Mentorship Program is right for you!  

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Included in program:  

-Three months of private 1 on 1 sessions. Two calls each month for 45 minutes.

-Working with your deceased loved ones to help with your breakthough.

-Group Mastermind session with other peers in the program.    

-Unlimited texting with me

-Kitsy's BEing Whole Program - reclaim who you were born to be!  

-Reiki One Course Digital Course  

-Dream Big Workshop (pre-recorded)  

-Massive Growth Workshop (pre-recorded)