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My whole life changed 13 years ago when I started my personal development journey and experienced the powerful healing technique of Reiki. 

Seven years ago I started this business to help others receive more peace and faith in their life. I have blossomed into a new person that has allowed life to happen rather than controlling it. The issue with control is that YOU think you know where you are suppose to be going. But what if the place you think you are suppose to be is not for the greatest good? 

What if the place where you thought your life was taking you was something completely different. Some place so amazing that your whole life will change? The people around you will see a change, life will become easier, and you will just be in the flow! 

A way to know if you are in the wrong place is being unhappy (even though it is a great job or marriage), having panic attacks or you have a feeling of being stuck. These are signs that a change is needed!  

Now in my 7th year in business I am offering one time consultations or 3 & 6 month packages to help you experience deeper healing and take your business to the next level fast! Are you ready!?!?!  

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Valley News Dispatch - Jan 24, 2016